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Home Buyers Inspection
Our most in detailed inspection designed to give a clear and detailed report on the systems and functions of the home you are purchasing. This inspection covers the sights and grounds, drainage, crawlspaces, plumbing, ventilation, electrical, heating and cooling systems, exterior structure components, roofing components to include chimneys and all accessible areas in accordance with ASHI standards of practice. Note: swimming pools, fire suppression systems and elevators are also inspected.
Home Sellers Inspection
This inspection is ideal for those that are considering selling your home but know you have some needed repairs, you can have your home inspected before listing it. We will provide the same professional inspection offered in our home buyer inspection. This will give you an idea of what is a major concern versus a minor repair thus giving you power and control over these issues, not to mention allowing for a quicker sale if the needed repairs have been fixed. This is also a powerful marketing tool to help sell your home!
Four Point/Insurance Inspection
This is NOT A COMPLETE INCPECTION it covers the four major components of your home, the roof, plumbing system, electrical system and HVAC system. This inspection may be required to obtain insurance on older homes if upgrades have been performed and proof is needed. This type of inspection is also ideal for property investors looking to have a quick glimpse of potential repairs for investment properties. We will check the performance and serviceability of these areas to include manufacture dates and possible maintenance or upgrades needed. We also offer this to qualified real estate agents: as you list the home we will conduct the 4 point inspection and allow potential buyers to purchase this inspection prior to making an offer on the home.
Mold/Air Quality Testing
Mold is defined as microscopic organisms that produce spores and are linked to respiratory diseases and infections. In your home mold is commonly found in bathrooms, basements, attics and unfortunately within the duct work. Samples are collected and testing is done through certified laboratories. If you suspect mold or indoor air quality is a concern, then this is an ideal service for you.
Water Quality Testing
Water is one of the keys to our existence and is a necessity for life. Our water quality testes for bacteria, nitrates, calcium and lead in your drinking water. Depending on you location of your home and the refining process these levels vary. HIGHLY recommended prior to purchasing a whole house filter.
Warranty Inspection
You have been living in your newly built home for 11 months and the builders warranty is about to expire. Don’t worry we will come in and conduct a complete home inspection that will provide piece of mind for the upcoming years to come.
Radon Testing
Invisible, colorless and odorless element that can cause major harm. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive byproduct of uranium that escapes from deep in the earth and follows the path of least resistance as it rises, which could be into your home. Radon is linked to lung cancer deaths in the United States. Radon is there but the Environmental Protection Agency has determined guidelines for acceptable levels. The testing samples are sent to a lab and evaluated to help you determine the appropriate response to protect your family.
Lead Paint & Asbestos Testing
Lead paint poisoning affects hundreds of thousands of kids each year in the United States. This type of poisoning undetected in children can progress from decreased brain activity, severe mental illness and even death. Lead paint was primarily used prior to 1978 in many homes, some water supply piping even playground equipment. Testing requires samples and possible mitigation. Asbestos is to be considered to be a major health hazard that is linked to lung cancer and was used as insulation in some older homes.