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Whether you are buying, selling, renting or investing we have an inspection for you! Rescue Me Home Inspections is a group of off duty firefighters with the desire to serve others by using their years of experience and attention to detail to make sure that your home is in the safest condition possible. We use the latest technology to address safety concerns that may be costly or potentially dangerous to home buyers. Our licensed home inspectors are trained graduates of nationally accredited institutes, members of national organizations for home inspectors and attend continuing education classes monthly.
We are local firemen with a common goal to serve and protect our community.
At Rescue Me Home Inspections we pride ourselves on being knowledgeable and trustworthy. We believe that a quality home inspection will not only protect the future of your home, but will limit the risk of fire hazards by identifying potential safety issues. Fires, drainage problems, carbon monoxide poisoning, radon and asbestos can all be avoided with the right technology, proper maintenance techniques and the use of a trained home inspector.
At Rescue Me Home Inspections your home is the center of what we do!
The Brotherhood

We are a group of firefighters with a common desire to serve others. As fire fighters we obtain countless certifications such as Driver Operator, Hazardous Materials Technician, Specialized Rescue, Emergency Medical Technician, Fire Instructor and Company Fire Officer. This training allows us to be knowledgeable in building layout, construction techniques and life expectancy of materials used in the process. During this training we noticed the same specialized tools used while firefighting are the same that’s used in a quality home inspection. In firefighting we use a thermal image to determine hot spots and to look for hidden fires, as a home inspector we use the same tool to trace wires and pinpoint energy loss areas. Another example is the gas detector it is used to monitor oxygen levels the presence of carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. It's only logical that professional firefighters and fire inspectors would also make excellent home inspectors. Our Inspectors are always on the quest to improve techniques while continuing to save lives every other day when on duty. Our dedication to the community and their welfare is present in everything we do. Our slogan says it all “Inspections By Those You Already Trust”.